Officials may ban parking on one side of street

Residents of targeted areas say large trucks can maneuver roads


October 30, 2001|By Childs Walker | Childs Walker,SUN STAFF

Hampstead officials say fire, garbage and snow trucks can't maneuver along some town streets where parking is permitted on both sides. So, the town probably will restrict parking to one side on selected throughways.

Residents who live along those streets, however, aren't thrilled that their parking options will diminish, and many say they have seen fire, garbage and other large trucks pass without incident.

Richard Hall of Brandywine Homeowners Association said he measured the width of Christopher Way and found 17 feet between two parked cars, more than enough for any fire or garbage truck.

"I couldn't see any reason whatever to have it blocked off on one side," he said.

Another Christopher Way resident, Holly Gates, works as a volunteer firefighter and said trucks have always been able to turn around on the street.

Most of the 20 residents who attended a recent public hearing were concerned about Christopher Way, a street they say doesn't have enough parking spaces.

Residents described how third cars won't fit in driveways and have to be parked on the street. They wondered where guests would park when they entertain. Noting the size of the Christopher Way contingent, council members said they might have to reconsider restricting parking there.

They also said they would reconsider potential restrictions on parking along a "bump out" at the townhouses on Century Street. Bump outs are grassy areas that extend into roads and house mailboxes, trees and utility boxes. The townhouses have no other space for overflow parking, said Jim Wisby, who has lived on Century Street for 15 years.

"If you're going to take away those spots, you've got to give us some alternative for parking," Wisby said.

Hampstead Mayor Christopher M. Nevin said that because of those concerns, parking along the bump out probably would remain open. Council members said they entered the public hearing open to suggestions but probably will make more concrete decisions on parking at their meeting Nov. 13.

Other streets that could face parking restrictions: Upper Forde Lane, Popes Creek Drive, Creswell Terrace, Downhill Trail, Gaming Square, Hillock Lane and Sugar Maple Street.

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