Oct. 19 Marion L. Wheatley, 5527 Whitehall Road...


October 29, 2001

Oct. 19

Marion L. Wheatley, 5527 Whitehall Road, Cambridge, an individual, t/a Wheatley Trucking, filed under Chapter 7. Assets: $485,699.90; liabilities: $852,354.26

Oct. 22

Mentor Technologies Group Inc., 133 National Business Parkway, Annapolis Junction, a Web network training, product and services company, was involuntarily petitioned into a Chapter 7 filing by creditors Julie Keough, Kenneth Green & Kenyu Sullivan. Principal: n/l. Assets: n/a; liabilities: at least $39,817.74

Oct. 23

Kesh Inc., 3435 Dundalk Ave., Dundalk, a carry out/restaurant operator, filed for protection under Chapter 11. Principal: Steven Sharon, president. Assets: $4,300; liabilities: $198,783.69


a.k.a.: also known as; c/o: care of; d/b/a: doing business as; t/a: trading as; n/a: not available; n/l: not listed; H/C: Holding Company; LLC: Limited Liability Company; L/P: Limited Partnership; J/V: Joint Venture; P/A: Professional Association; P/C: Professional Corporation

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