Running column needs to be revived Thanks for the extra...


October 28, 2001

Running column needs to be revived

Thanks for the extra coverage of the Baltimore Marathon the week before the race. In addition to providing key information concerning road closures for runners, spectators and residents of the city, you were able to feature regional runners and running clubs.

With the planning already beginning for next year's marathon, now is the time for The Sun to revive the weekly Tuesday running column that was stopped in 1996. This column can be used to sustain interest in running in the region by featuring runners, running clubs, race results, training programs and plans for next year's race.

The more The Sun keeps a focus on running, the more the community will respond. Mike Reeb's column was very informative and well read by the thousands of runners in the Baltimore metropolitan region. Show the support to the mayor, the city of Baltimore and to the running community by reviving the running column.

Mick Slonaker


Note: The writer is president of the Howard County Striders.

In style over substance, Ravens made bad choice

I guess in an age where only style counts, the Ravens are probably really excited about their decision to get rid of Trent Dilfer.

If my memory serves me right, he is the only quarterback to ever lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl. He also has a 13-game winning streak as a starting quarterback.

Excuse me if I have it wrong: The Ravens are losing in the 2000 season, Dilfer comes in and wins the Super Bowl. The Seahawks are losing in 2001, Dilfer comes in and they turn things around. Is a pattern developing here, or what?

Only time will tell this weekend when the Seahawks replace Trent with Matt Hasselbeck. Then and only then will the natives of the state of Washington have something in common with the natives of Maryland when it comes to your sporting worlds.

Neither of you knows what it means to just be happy winning; you have to appear as though you have style. Problem is, style only counts on the runways, and as of today the NFL doesn't have a Style Bowl.

Dean Steenburgh

Modesto, Calif.

Shallow remarks unworthy of Sun

In his Oct. 18 column concerning the University of Maryland's decision not to hire Gary Gait as lacrosse coach, Sun columnist Mike Preston writes that those who criticize the decision should "put on [their] khaki pants, Docksiders with no socks and oxford shirts, and get a life."

The Sun is worthy of thoughtful, and certainly thought-provoking, columns. Indeed, The Sun has several such columns. Unfortunately, Mr. Preston's comments, quoted above, are quite shallow.

The Sun, and hopefully Mr. Preston, can do better.

Peter Martin


Searcy isn't exactly muscling up for Ravens

Torn quadriceps muscle - 2000. No playing time.

Torn triceps muscle - 2001. No playing time.

Which of Leon Searcy's muscles will be torn in 2002?

Nice addition to a foundering Ravens offensive line!

Morton D. Marcus


Announcers still show bias vs. Baltimore

The announcers for last Sunday's Ravens-Browns game were unusually ridiculous. They referred to the Baltimore Ravens as the old Cleveland team that was beaten by the new Cleveland team.

When will they get over the fact that we are the Baltimore Ravens and the Super Bowl champions?

Do they refer to the Rams as formerly from Los Angeles, the Cardinals as formerly from St. Louis, the Titans as formerly from Houston, or the Colts as formerly from Baltimore?

Of course not. It is only the Baltimore Ravens they pick on. I, for one am sick of it.

John C. Clarke Sr.


`Terp tomato' uniforms should be discarded

Why is it in this world we must abandon tradition? When you see teams like Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State, Nebraska and Alabama run on to the field, you know who they are and where they come from because they never change their helmets or uniforms.

They have tradition, a time-held institution of keeping the same uniforms.

I was glad to see that Maryland returned to the white "Terp" helmets, but the "Terp tomato" uniforms have to go.

Henry C. Preston


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