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October 24, 2001|By The Baltimore Sun

Tiny Flyers

Short-tailed bats are really small! They are only 2 to 3 inches in length, and that includes their short tail. They are found in Southern Mexico and parts of South America. They generally live about 2-6 years in the wild but can live as long as 12 years in captivity.

what's for DINNER?

Fruits and insects.

do you KNOW?

How far do bats fly?

Answer: These bats are very active at night and can fly an average of 3 miles a night.


1. Short-tailed bats have a leaf-shaped nose.

2. Their predators are humans, raptors (birds), snakes and carnivores.

3. Female bats normally give birth to one offspring a year.

learn MORE!

Visit the bats at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read BATS! Creatures of the Night by Joyce Milton.

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