Magazines respond to Sept. 11 events

In Brief

October 23, 2001|By Newsday

NEW YORK - More flags. More coziness. More cheer.

This is what you'll find in America's fashion and lifestyle magazines in the months ahead. But don't expect them to completely abandon whatever they were covering before the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Actually, we will not be changing a lot," said Lesley Jane Seymour, editor in chief of Marie Claire, though fashion coverage may be "slightly quieter" for awhile.

The monthly has always covered international women's issues, she said, so a package on women's reactions to terrorism for the December issue will not be a departure. But, "I think you need ... escape," she said. "After you can't bear it anymore, you need ... to buy yourself a new lipstick."

The November issue of the fashion magazine Jane includes snapshots of staff members' experiences on Sept. 11. One caption reads: "Landing gear from one of the planes on Karen's block."

Hunkering around the campfire will permeate Better Homes and Gardens. Editor in chief Karol DeWulf Nickell sets the tone in an editor's letter, quoting from an inspirational essay she found in the magazine's December 1941 issue, which calls for "being together and friendly warmth."

Security is a topic that will be covered at the men's magazine Details, said editor in chief Daniel Peres. In December, he'll address "how ... this affects our personal style, how we dress, how we protect ourselves." But he won't give up on celebrities, fashion or cars. "I still want to have fun," he said.

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