Web sites offer lots of fun for Halloween

October 22, 2001|By Amanda Rogers | Amanda Rogers,KNIGHT RIDDER/TRIBUNE

It's not too late to hit the Web and spin yourself a great Halloween. Click on these eight, great not-too-late sites.


The ultimate in pumpkin carving, this site lets you design your own jack-o'-lantern face and print it out for $9.95. For another $5, they'll mail you all the tools to get the job done. Great free tips on how to make your pumpkin look good and keep its shape, like wiping the sides of the cutout eyes and mouth with petroleum jelly to keep the moisture in, and how to carve safely.


Find out the legends surrounding the beginning of the holiday, learn about Los Dias de los Muertos (Mexico's Days of the Dead), and then cook up some Halloween recipes and send a spooky holiday greeting card online.


Dozens of kid-friendly recipes, from frozen jack-o'-lanterns (hollowed-out oranges with ice cream frozen inside) to really easy ghost toast. It has a lot of ideas for classroom parties, too, like "hand" snacks - surgical gloves with candy corn for nails and popcorn to fill up the glove.


Everything from quirky costumes (find out how to turn your kid into a bag of groceries) to fun crafts to how to keep the trick-or-treaters safe when they're making the rounds of the neighbors.


Looking for a great costume for your baby or toddler? This is the place. Site offers 14 elaborate costumes, like a wee wizard, a lovable lion and the littlest angel. Prices run from $9.95-$33.95.


You knew Martha Stewart would figure out some good things for Halloween. Try making some ghoulish lanterns or bat cupcakes. The how-tos are all on the site, and they're really not that hard. Really. No, really. For older kids, check out Martha's costumes, especially the glowing monster mouth.


Lillian Vernon knows her holidays, and she pulls out all the cute stops for Halloween. Look for decorations, cute costumes and adorable personalized trick-or-treat bags in the shape of pumpkins and monsters.


Play the Halloween Safety Game with your kids to make sure everybody knows the rules before heading out for tricks and treats. Hint: They give you the rules first, then give you scenarios to see if you make the right choices.

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