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October 21, 2001

Preston has unfair bias against Ravens' Billick

It's time for The Sun to get rid of columnist Mike Preston. He obviously has a problem with Brian Billick, and it obviously affects what he writes about the Ravens.

Does he realize that the Ravens won the Super Bowl? Does he realize that they would not have done so without Brian Billick?

Maybe Billick needs to start following Preston around and unfairly criticizing everything he does.

Come on, Sun editors, do the right thing: Dump Preston!

Terry Cox Huntingtown

National anthem should be respected

I agree wholeheartedly with Tim O'Connor's letter to the editor printed last Sunday ["View from New York: Stop `O!' in anthem"].

The Star-Spangled Banner is one of the finest works ever composed to celebrate the glory of our great nation. The anthem has not only come to commemorate the events of September 1814 at the Battle of Baltimore but also to embody the spirit of America as a whole. It honors the sacrifices of so many brave souls who have paid the ultimate price for liberty, freedom and equality. It serves as a rallying point for freedom-loving people the world over.

Having said that, it is totally inappropriate for anyone to yell "O!" during the anthem. To do so is nothing short of desecrating the same national anthem that has come to truly characterize what it means to be an American.

As far as I am concerned, the practice is virtually the same as burning the American flag. The anthem should be a time to reflect upon how great our land truly is, and the raucous antics so commonly associated with rock concerts and sporting events must be avoided.

I'm sure that all true Americans will stand behind me and Mr. O'Connor and will put a stop to this unpatriotic practice.

Brian Gronberg Baltimore

Yankees fans need to behave themselves

I had to respond to the ludicrous letter from Tim O'Connor that scolded Orioles fans for their harmless emphasis on the "O" in the national anthem.

Imagine a New York Yankees fan, of all people, presuming to lecture others on proper ballpark etiquette.

Now that Mr. O'Connor has so self-righteously chastised us for our heinous crime against the nation, perhaps he might want to consider writing to a New York paper to urge his fellow Yankees fans to stop verbally harassing and physically abusing people who dare to support the opposing team.

This misbehavior occurs not only at Yankee Stadium but at ballparks across the country when the Yankees are in town.

Don Brizendine Baltimore

Writer was premature to count out Yankees

How would The Sun's Joe Strauss like me to prepare his next meal, which he'll surely agree should be crow? For those readers wondering what I mean, Joe wrote an article on Oct. 12 about the Yankees being finished when they lost the first two games of the AL Division Series at home.

After all, no team had ever won a playoff series when that happened. If it's never happened, Strauss assumes it can't happen. Strauss even went on to say - not once but twice - that the series was "over."

Guess what? No one ever hit 73 home runs in one season before. That doesn't mean it can't happen. C'mon, these are the Yankees. Strauss should know better than to underestimate those guys.

Jeff Mariner Towson

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