Md. doctors' help sought to identify hijackers' remains

FBI asks for information regarding nine suspects

War On Terrorism

October 21, 2001|BY A SUN STAFF WRITER

Maryland doctors have been asked to provide the FBI with medical information that might help investigators identify the remains of nine of the 19 men suspected in the Sept. 11 terrorist hijackings.

The FBI's request was forwarded in an e-mail sent late Friday by Maryland Med-Chi, the state medical society. Doctors and other health-care providers who might have treated any of the men were asked to provide the FBI with records.

The names and birth dates of the men are:

Salem Alhazmi, Feb. 2, 1981.

Hani Hanjour, Aug. 3, 1974, or Aug. 30, 1972.

Majed Moqed, June 18, 1977.

Khalid Almihdhar, May 16, 1975.

Nawaf Alhazmi, Feb. 2, 1981.

Saeed Alghamdi, Nov. 21, 1979.

Ziad Samir Jarrah, May 11, 1975.

Ahmed Alnani, Dec. 7, 1977.

Ahmed Ibrahim A. Al Haznawi, May 11, 1980.

The suspects have used aliases, and officials have listed different spellings for their names.

T. Michael Preston, Med-Chi's executive director, said he was not sure why the FBI singled out the men. But in the weeks since the attacks, federal investigators have tracked several of the hijackers' final movements to areas in Laurel, College Park and Greenbelt.

Five of them - Almihdhar, Moqed, Alhazmi, Alhazmi and Hanjour - had worked out at a Gold's Gym in Greenbelt and were identified as being aboard American Airlines Flight 77 from Washington Dulles International Airport that hit the Pentagon.

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