Putting bin Laden on targets echoes tactics of...


October 20, 2001

Putting bin Laden on targets echoes tactics of terrorists

The use of Osama bin Laden's face in the cross hairs as the target at a gun range ("Public enemy," Oct. 10) echoes too closely the tactics used in the propaganda of the terrorists themselves, tactics in which our leaders are burned in effigy and their faces used to arouse hatred.

The photograph was deplorable in two ways: First, that Americans would stoop so low for mock revenge; and, second, that such a scene, when viewed on Arabic newscasts around the world, fuel the fires of hatred for the United States.

The gun dealer who is selling these posters as "a charity fund-raiser" is providing bin Laden with a ready-made image for his campaign against us.

Dorothea Thorne


How distressing to see so much hatred! What distinguishes us from the Islamic fundamentalists burning effigies of President Bush, Uncle Sam and the American flag? No wonder there is always war and strife in the world.

As the world's superpower, we should have more understanding, tact and taste.

Esther E. Dibos


Repeal tax cuts for rich to pay for tighter security

Lets repeal the tax cut for the very wealthy, who make more than $300,000 a year, to help pay for our common defense.

Reducing the tax cut for these wealthy individuals would provide billions of additional revenue to help pay for increased security. And how many of these wealthy people will feel safer when they get on an airplane with the tax cut in their pocket?

President Bush and the Republicans reduced the tax rate from 39.6 percent to 35 percent for individual income greater than $297,350 per year. These individuals also get the benefits of the reductions in rates on the rest of their income.

Mr. Bush originally said this could be done because of the large budget surplus. Now the surplus has disappeared and almost everyone agrees we need more federal security for our airports, water supplies, bridges and other potential terrorist targets.

This means the federal government will need more money now and in the future. And it is foolish and unpatriotic to cut taxes on the wealthy in a time of crisis.

Roger Fitzgerald


Disclosing where the vaccine is made aids our enemies ...

On Oct. 14, The Sun's front-page headline read "More anthrax cases found." Then, I turned the page to find a picture of the very building that houses the offices of the only licensed producer of smallpox vaccine in the United States ("New momentum for biodefense," Oct. 14) and the company's exact street address and town.

For terrorists and psychopaths who would do this country harm, The Sun could not have been more helpful.

Perhaps even worse, The Sun gave enemies of the First Amendment more opportunity to blame "the media" for our problems.

Gerry Hanlon


... and publishing recipe for anthrax is irresponsible

We find it disquieting and think it irresponsible of The Sun to publish step by step instructions, with illustrations, on "Making anthrax a weapon" (Oct. 18).

We realize that this information is available other places, but why make it easy for would-be, copycat nutcases?

Wayne Smith

Linda Smith

Glen Burnie

I believe The Sun has done a grave disservice to the citizens of our great country by detailing the laboratory process for making "weapons-grade" anthrax.

It is inconceivable that this highly technical information could possibly be considered news. Does the general public really need to know this information?

Publishing the recipe for weapons-grade anthrax so any wacko can whip up a batch and spread it about is irresponsible journalism.

Anthony J. Euler

Ellicott City

Israeli government reaps what it has sown

Why should the Israelis be surprised by the murder of Rehavam Zeevi ("Zeevi assassination shatters fragile peace hopes in Israel," Oct 18)?

Aren't the Israelis engaged in a government-sanctioned program of assassinating Palestinian figures they deem "unacceptable"?

The Israeli ultimatum to Yasser Arafat to turn over Mr. Zeevi's killers or "face a response more severe than any recent attack on the Palestinians" sounds like the sort of thing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's government had in mind all along.

Israel is reaping what it has sown. The noble ideas that led to the creation of the state of Israel have been perverted by thugs masquerading as a government under Mr. Sharon.

How sad. How savage.

Joe Roman


Clearer tax amnesty ads would raise more revenue

In the article "With 19 days to go, tax amnesty is way too short" (Oct. 12), Stephen M. Cordi, the state's deputy controller, blamed the disappointing collection of delinquent taxes on the Sept. 11 tragedy.

I have a simpler explanation: The billboard ads are so "high-concept" as to be useless. A photo of two expensively dressed men, one holding an unidentified techno-product, with the words "Seek amnesty" (not "Seek tax amnesty") is not informative. My husband and I had to guess what product was being sold. I thought it was the expensive business suits.

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