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October 17, 2001|By THE BALTIMORE ZOO

Pretty Birds

Silkies are a very unusual and ancient breed of chickens. Their feathers look and feel more like hair than traditional feathers found on farm chickens. Varieties include White, Black, Buff, Blue, Partridge, Bearde, and Non-Bearded, to name a few.

Silkie Chickens

what's for DINNER?

Chickens eat scratch ... grain and seeds.

do you KNOW?

Can Silkies fly?

Answer: No, because of their unique feathers they are unable to fly.

learn MORE!

Visit the silkie chickens at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read The Chicken Doesn't Skate by Gordon Kormon.

Wild Facts

1. The Department of Natural Resources uses these birds to hatch eggs of endangered species because they are natural "setters."

2. These chickens were "discovered" by Marco Polo in 1298 during a trip to China.

3. Silkie chickens have turquoise blue ear lobes!

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