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October 15, 2001|By James Coates | James Coates,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

I get mail suggesting that I copy a Web address to my browser. I use Internet Explorer. Can you tell me how to copy?

Clipping and pasting Web addresses passed along in e-mail isn't quite as simple as it sounds.

Move the cursor arrow to the start of the Web address in such an e-mail and then hold down the left mouse key and drag the pointer to paint the whole thing.

Then press Control plus the C key to copy it. Make sure that you select only the exact text in the address and nothing at the beginning or the end, such as a period.

Next you need to call up the Web browser and paste in the address. Then you type Control+L to call up a dialog box permitting one to enter a Web address, sometimes called a uniform resource locator, or URL. You then tap Control+V and the copied address appears in the box, allowing you to tap Enter to get to the Web site.

James Coates writes about technology for the Chicago Tribune, a Tribune Publishing newspaper. He can be reached via e-mail at

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