D-Day Museum opening new front


October 14, 2001

On Dec. 7, 2001, 60 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the year-old National D-Day Museum in New Orleans will open its first major expansion. The addition, called the "D-Day Invasions in the Pacific," is a 5,000-square-foot gallery of photos, videos, artifacts, maps and stories about the fighting in and along the Pacific, including Pearl Harbor, so recently called back into our memories.

Three days of events will mark the opening, including a parade led by veterans of the Pacific campaign. There will also be a re-enactment of a Pacific D-Day landing, on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, along with displays of vintage aircraft, a USO dance and a memorial service.

Other museum exhibits include a 110-seat theater where the documentary D-Day Remembered runs daily, a reproduction Higgins landing craft, and weaponry and uniform displays.

For information about the grand opening or participation by veterans, call 800-273-4463. For information about the museum, open daily, visit www.ddaymuseum.org or call 504-527-6012. -- Tricia Bishop


A new guide to vacationing in Salt Lake City, Hidden Salt Lake City and Beyond (Ulysses Press, $16), offers these tips for travelers heading to the 2002 Winter Olympics, scheduled to begin Feb. 8:

*iAltitude adjustment: Plan to arrive a few days early to give your body time to adjust to Utah's high altitude (more than 4,000 feet above sea level), which can cause headaches and fatigue if you're not used to it.

*iMoisturize: Tuck some lotion and lip balm into your daypack to combat the dry air.

*iDress smart: The weather changes from chilly mornings to warm afternoons back to cold nights. Dress in layers.

*iReserve now: Dinner and hotel reservations can't be made too soon.

*iLodging: Try, try again if you can't find an opening (consult www.saltlake2002.com or www.saltlakeinfo.org for listings, or call the Utah visitor information center at 888-222-5562).

*iMoney talks: Scalping is legal in Utah, so you might be able to find tickets close to event time if you're willing to pay the price. -- T.B.

Pulling out all the stops

Sometimes just one vacation spot isn't enough. AirTreks.com, an online travel service, specializes in finding and creating airfare packages for multistop trips around the world at prices often lower than you might expect. For example, airfare for a four-leg trip with stops in Geneva, Barcelona, Berlin and Budapest begins at $614 for off-season travel. Visit the site and choose the cities you'd like to visit, and its database comes up with a fare for consideration. Customize your trip according to your preferences.

Prearranged trips, tours and travel packages are also available. Call 800-350-0612. -- T.B.

History is just down the road

The National Trust Historic Hotels of America, a collection of more than 170 properties chosen by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, has put together themed driving tours that include accommodations at member hotels, daily breakfast and admission to museums, historic sites and other attractions along the way.

The tours range from three to seven days, and can be built around major cities, the Hudson Valley or Adirondacks, the Blue Ridge Parkway, or less-traveled back roads and byways. For a list of tours or to make reservations, visit www.historichotels.org or call 877-782-2045. -- From wire reports

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