Catching a flying pig (skin)


Howard At Play

October 14, 2001

Footballs bounce funny and often wobble oddly in the air. But catching a football is just as much fun as pretending you're scoring a big touchdown. Here's how:

* As the thrown or kicked ball approaches, pull your elbows toward one another, your hands in front of you -- like cradling a watermelon.

* Flex your knees a bit, and move your hands to where you think the ball is headed.

* Spread your finger, keeping them flexible. For balls approaching above your waist, including to either side, envision a "W" in the air with your thumbs -- maybe an inch apart -- forming the center part. For low balls, form the "W" between your pinkies.

* As the ball makes contact, grab it, simultaneously releasing your hands and arms toward your midsection, trapping the ball there.

* And as in any sport, watch the ball all the way. Try to see it into your hands.

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