Emmys have that rerun feeling


October 14, 2001|By Rob Hiaasen

The timing might never be right.

After two justifiable postponements since Sept. 11, there's still talk of salvaging the 53rd annual Prime Time Emmy Awards. They might broadcast the ceremony from a California military base. Or the academy might just do lunch.

But really, we can already tell you who won:

1. "Frasier."

2. "The West Wing."

3. "The West Wing."

4. "The West Wing."

5. "The West Wing."

6. "Frasier."

7. "The Sopranos."

8. "The Sopranos."

9. "The Sopranos."

10. "The Sopranos."

11. "The Sopranos."

12. "Frasier."

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