October 10, 2001


Discover the beauty and danger of Poisonous Plants and Animals at http: / / library.thinkquest.org / C007974 / . This site will help you recognize different kinds of poisonous species. It also explains how to avoid poisonous plants and fatal bites. Read about numerous plants such as hemlock, the plant that is famous for killing Socrates. Or learn about the Mexican cactus, which was once worshiped by Indian tribes. Next move on to poisonous animals like the deadly tarantula or the colorful poison dart frog, which releases poison through glands in its skin. In the Amusement section, you can read various myths and stories about animals, or check out some animal trivia.

Nominate a cool Web site at www.4Kids.org / nominations / .

Kid Quest: The world's most popular poison comes from which plant?


Put on your sombrero and take a virtual tour of Mexico at www.demon.co.uk / mexuk / meet_mex / . You'll find information about the country, its land, symbols and wildlife as well as about Mexican history, including the Aztecs and Mayans. Discover modern Mexico: food and drink, festivals, holidays, music and much more.

Kid Quest: What does Teotihuacan mean?


If you are an animal lover, then there is a room on the Internet set aside just for you at www.chirpingbird.com / netpets / html / . At the Kid's Room you can meet all of the NetPets Kids, including Bluffer the Puffer Fish and Rio the Amazon Parrot. In the Pets Are People Too section, you can learn how to bathe a pet and how to know if your pet is sick.

Kid Quest: What kind of animal is Oatis?

To complete the Kid Quest Challenge, visit the Web sites in this issue to find the answers to the questions, then go to www.4Kids.org / kidquest / .

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