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October 10, 2001

Solo Soarers

These vultures are primarily solitary, which means they like to hunt, eat and fly by themselves. They sometimes do spend their time with other vultures, drinking from lakes and streams and roosting at night in pairs.

What's for DINNER?

Vultures eat carrion, or animals that are already dead.

Do you KNOW?

How do these birds locate a meal?

Answer: They soar high above the desert of Africa, spot a dead animal and land on the ground to eat.

Learn MORE!

Visit the white-headed vultures at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read Vultures by Lynn M. Stone.

Wild Facts

1. These vultures are found in the drier regions of Africa.

2. They are usually silent but can make a shrill calling sound.

3. Vultures have been known to kill small mammals and lizards when they are really hungry.

The Baltimore Zoo.

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