Kathleen's imagination lets her `Wish on Star'

Student achiever

October 10, 2001

The student: Kathleen Richards, 8

School: Ilchester Elementary

Special achievement: One of five second-graders chosen to represent the school in the State of Maryland International Reading Association Young Authors' Writing Contest in December 2000.

Her story: Kathleen was chosen for "Wish on Star," which is her tale about a beautiful pink pony with unconventional traits. "The pony had silver wings and gold eyes. She could glide in the air," she writes.

Aspiring author: "I want to write children's books and illustrate 'em," said Kathleen, who loves to write and draw. "I have a better imagination for children than adults."

What does she write about? "Puppies and lions and all kinds of animals. ... When I'm writing stories, I try to make it different from all the other stories. Like, instead of just animals ... barking, you can make them walk and skateboard and surf and climb trees."

How did she come up with her pink pony story? "I kind of like ponies, and then I used my imagination to make him flyyyy and climb treeees and sing! And dance!" she says with a peppy lilt to her voice.

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