3 county airports allowed to resume limited activity...


October 09, 2001

3 county airports allowed to resume limited activity

Three small airports in Anne Arundel County resumed limited activity last weekend, as the Federal Aviation Administration reduced the no-fly zone around Washington.

After the terrorist attacks Sept. 11, federal officials banned general aviation flights within a 28-mile radius of the nation's capital. Private aircraft are now allowed to fly by instrument flight rules - requiring them to file flight plans with the FAA - from airports more than 20 miles outside Washington. Most users of small airports fly by visual flight rules, which do not require flight plans, and those trips remain grounded.

That has meant a significant decline in business for Anne Arundel County's small airports - Lee Airport in Edgewater, Tipton Airport near Fort Meade and Suburban Airport in Laurel, airport officials said. Tipton has lost about $5,000 a day since the attacks, said David Almy, an airport spokesman.

Security at the airports has been increased, with a greater county police presence and the installation of security cameras.

South River principal is honored by state

James Hamilton, the principal of South River High School in Edgewater, was among 10 Maryland principals honored last week by the State Department of Education for creating opportunities for students to fulfill their community service requirements.

South River's student service-learning program has been a model for schools across the state, according to the Department of Education's Maryland Student Service Alliance, which honored the principals.

Students at the school perform a range of work in the community, from planting trees and preparing food baskets to installing playgrounds and - through the Chesapeake Bay Foundation - helping to create wetlands.

Although the South River program is not mandatory, most students take part.

"Jim Hamilton has made giving back to the community very much a part of the instructional program at South River," said county schools spokeswoman Nancy Jane Brown.

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