Hitler sign prohibited on lawn in Baltimore, Circuit Court rules

October 08, 2001|By Sarah Koenig | Sarah Koenig,SUN STAFF

That Hitler sign in the front yard can't go back up, a Baltimore Circuit Court judge ruled last week, not because it pictures a murderous fascist, but because it's just too big.

In March last year, Frederick R. and Jean L. MacFadden of West Baltimore erected a 4-by-3-foot sign picturing Adolph Hitler. They posted the sign to protest what they deemed invasive action by neighbors and the city after neighbors complained about stray dogs the MacFaddens had taken in.

Complaints about the sign led to city citations instructing the MacFaddens to take it down. They refused, and challenged the law.

Last week, Circuit Judge John Carroll Byrnes ruled that the city's sign code is constitutional.

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