Ripken: Tonight closes a chapter of a dream

October 07, 2001

Text of Cal Ripken's post-game speech:

As a kid I had this dream, and I had a parent that helped me shape that dream. Then I became a part of an organization - the Baltimore Orioles - that helped me grow that dream.

Imagine playing for my hometown team for my whole career. And I have a wife and children that helped me share and savor the fruits of that dream. And I've had teammates that have filled my career with unbelievable moments.

And you fans who have loved the game and have shared your lives with me, tonight we close a chapter of this dream, my playing career.

But I have other dreams. I might have some white hair on top of this head, well maybe on the sides of this head. But I'm really not that old.

My dreams for the future include pursuing my passion for baseball. Hopefully I will be able to share what I have learned and I would be happy if that sharing would lead to something as simple as a smile on the face of others.

One question I've repeatedly been asked these last few weeks is how do I want to be remembered. My answer has been simple: to be remembered at all is pretty special.

I might also add that if I am remembered, I hope it's because by living my dream I was able to make a difference.

Thank you.

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