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take advantage of low stock prices

October 05, 2001|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

RECENT comments about your investments:

"The greatest risk following the terrorist attacks is panic," says Deborah Allen, corporate consultant. "Panic could trigger wholesale dumping of stocks and mutual funds, causing investors to sell near the bottom and possibly miss the upcoming Wall Street recovery."

"Ninety percent of today's investors entered the market after 1990. Until recently they've never seen a market go anywhere but up. Now they've learned that bear markets are natural parts of the investment cycle." (Phoenix Investment Partners Newsletter)

"Recent events drove stocks down to levels where they're attractive investments. Over the next several years, stocks will far outperform bonds." (Knight Kiplinger, publisher, The Kiplinger Letter, on National Public Radio.)

"Don't stay out of the market if you have long-term needs. Stocks will recover; bear markets come in cycles, as do bull markets." (Financial Perspectives)

"No big upsurge any time soon. Look for gains in fits and starts, but none of this growing to the sky." (Richard Dickson, technical analyst, J.J.B. Hilliard Inc.)

"Consider buying stocks that are down sharply, like Circuit City Stores Inc., Teradyne Inc., Ford Motor Co., Hilton Hotels Corp. and Oracle Corp." (Byron Wien, chief strategist, Morgan Stanley)

"I wish the Fed would stop lowering interest rates. It gives a feeling the cavalry is riding in, but that sends a signal that the economy and corporate profits are very troubled." (Richard Bernstein, quantitative strategist, Merrill Lynch)

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