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October 04, 2001

Wounded nation must turn attention back to business

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce extends our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families and our gratitude to those involved in the rescue and recovery efforts.

But in the wake of this tragedy, it is crucial that our actions send a clear message to the world and to the evildoers who would perpetrate acts of terror against our nation. The United States will not be terrorized. The citizens of our country will stand together to ensure the strength and security of our great nation.

Although it may be difficult to turn away from our televisions, we must focus on business. We cannot let these acts of cowardice stop us from doing business, buying products, holding meetings and traveling. It is certainly not business as usual under these difficult circumstances, but business as unusual.

Business drives our economy, provides jobs and generates the tax revenues that run government. We need to focus on how to grow business so the unemployed will find jobs and taxes will be generated to pay for public safety and education.

The Maryland Chamber is confident the strong community spirit in our state will help transform our horror into action that will make our country stronger.

William Couper


The writer is chairman of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

Our president and Congress have basically declared war on terrorism. But this war will be fought on two fronts -- the battlefield with soldiers, and on the home- front by every single American consumer. On Sept. 11 we all became draftees.

Do not let the first 5,000 casualties in this battle be a tombstone over our way of life. Don't let the terrorists claim more causalities by the destroying of the livelihoods of fellow American workers.

Rather, let the events of Sept. 11 be the spark that lights a flame under the American economy so it will start a roaring recovery around the world and eventually allow more people to enjoy our way of life.

I do not want to buy war bonds; I want to spend my money righting the American economy with an "in your face" attitude to the terrorists.

The American way of life goes on because the American spirit of freedom of speech and religion and freedom from want and fear reigns supreme.

William Wills

Ocean City

History has given us the president we need

It has been written that history has an uncanny way of putting the right man in the right place at the right time.

So it is that George W. Bush is president at this crucial time in our history. A calm man but one of resolve, he will see us through this horror.

Jean C. Kittel


Alert citizens can provide best defense against terror

We will always have those like Timothy McVeigh and Osama bin Laden in our world. Terrorists and individual rebels will not be eliminated by declaring war and bombing the heck out of a country.

Such people can strike anytime we have our guard down. They will use many methods to prove their point.

This war must be fought by every American citizen being more alert and by stricter security methods.

John Jungblut


Improving airport security won't stop future attacks

The efforts to beef up airport security now are like locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen. The terrorists will not use that method again.

We should be brainstorming about what they might do next instead.

But it would be much better if we could ferret them out, so they can't strike at all.

Emily Johnston


Don't compare U.S. bombings to the strikes by terrorists

It is unbelievable that anyone would compare the accidental bombing of civilians in Baghdad by the coalition a decade ago with the terrorist attack of New York and Washington.

Iraq had invaded Kuwait, killed thousands of people in that country and created a huge ecological disaster by setting its oil wells afire.

And the Iraqis were expecting the bombings and had plenty of time to hide or take appropriate measures -- as opposed to the Americans, who just went to work one morning and were sitting ducks with no chance to evade this massacre.

Raymond Bovey


Military action creates endless cycle of revenge

I want to express my appreciation for The Sun's effort to cover also the voices of those who oppose calls for retaliatory strikes ("Peace testimony," Sept. 24).

There are many of us who believe fervently that justice must be done; however, military actions are acts of revenge, and we do not need more innocent victims.

And the Middle East has shown all too vividly that revenge causes a vicious cycle of violence.

Michael W. Vermehren


PBS series on evolution reaches heart of our culture

David Zurawik's take on the current PBS miniseries Evolution woefully missed the boat (" `Evolution' amid controversy," Sept. 24). This is every bit as important a series as Ken Burns' Jazz.

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