Orioles ups and downs

September 30, 2001|By Joe Strauss

UP -- Tony Batista

A minor adjustment in his unorthodox stance has made him a threat again. Credit Batista for not dumping a tough season. Credit hitting coach Terry Crowley with the suggestion. Now about shortstop ...

EVEN -- Peter Angelos

Where will the majority owner watch Saturday's Ripken farewell - from his luxury bunker or on the field, where he was last seen in 1995?

UP -- Sean Douglass

He and fellow young arms Rick Bauer and Jorge Julio have given September meaning ... and next February an air of suspense.

DOWN -- Injury Row

David Segui undergoes surgery, and Chris Richard is on his way. Not that we're counting, but 40 percent of the Opening Day starting lineup will have gone under the knife by Oct. 15.

DOWN -- The No. 18 Car

Bobby Labonte couldn't keep the Joe Gibbs Cal Ripken Farewell Tour Chevrolet running for more than seven laps of last Sunday's MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400. Well, at least Cal liked the chopper rides and his new jacket.

UP -- Luis Matos

Proves that the best thing about 21-year-old players is that they turn 22. Physically overmatched as a rookie, Matos has returned from shoulder surgery as a threat. Defensively, he's ready. Offensively, he's closer.

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