Belief in our cause would defeat terrorists I guess we...


September 30, 2001

Belief in our cause would defeat terrorists

I guess we have to really get down in the gutter with the terrorists and play their game if we expect to stop them. The problem is, the fanatics are willing to die to make a point. I am not sure our western thinking will allow us to sink that low.

Our country needs to pull together on this with other countries. I am not sure that is going to happen. Within our country I have not yet witnessed the fire in the belly to go after terrorists. In fact, I have not seen much of a cry for freedom.

I am not sure our country has what it takes right now. ... I surely hope our leaders make the right choices and receive the support they need so that we can live a free life without terror.

It is odd how religion can be a good thing and a horrible thing. It is all a matter of interpretation and how desperate the people are who follow the teachings.

The have-nots have nothing to lose so the haves had better wake up to that fact in a hurry. Call it what you like, jihad, crusade, or war. The one that believes the most in their cause ... will survive.

Dominic Fino


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