Couple finds Canadians mourning deaths in U.S. Two days...


September 30, 2001

Couple finds Canadians mourning deaths in U.S.

Two days after the World Trade Center and Pentagon disasters, my husband and I left with mixed feelings for a long-scheduled motor trip to Nova Scotia. It seemed somewhat escapist to flee our country during a time of such widespread mourning, but we soon found that Canada was grieving with us.

To the far-most tip of Cape Breton Island, Canadian and Nova Scotian flags flew at half mast. Messages of sympathy were posted in windows, Canadians stopped us and expressed their condolences, and at a historic church a book signed by dozens of Nova Scotians contained similar messages for U.S. visitors. In one restaurant, below a huge bouquet of white roses tied with a black ribbon, was a hand-lettered message of condolence "to America from the people of Canada."

On Saturday, Sept. 15, Halifax's Chronicle-Herald newspaper proclaimed "You are not alone," and beneath that headline a full-color photo of an American flag outside the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa bore the words "God Bless America." The editorial page of that same paper contained a drawing of Earth labeled (in true Canadian style), "Best before 01.SE.11."

We are surely not alone.

Dorothy L. Harrison

Ellicott City

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