Efforts of firefighters from Balto. Co. also deserve...


September 30, 2001

Efforts of firefighters from Balto. Co. also deserve recognition

The day of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, ten firefighters from Baltimore County were called by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist with rescue and recovery in New York. These firefighters are experts in difficult rescue techniques and helped recover four people in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

In the two weeks following the attack, The Sun chose not to write about these local men. Instead, on Sept. 22, The Sun told a lengthy story of 12 Connecticut firefighters who, like Baltimore County's firefighters, participated in the rescue and recovery operation ("Fire crew goes on odyssey into void," Sept. 22).

Without taking anything away from our brethren in Connecticut, we are puzzled by The Sun's lack of interest in these courageous Marylanders.

Thousands of local residents stood on their feet at last week's "United We Stand" rally in Timonium to welcome these firefighters home after a grueling 10 days at ground zero in New York. Certainly, The Sun could take an interest too.

John J. Hohman

Michael K. Day Sr.


The writers are, respectively, chief of the Baltimore County Fire Department and president of the Baltimore County Professional Firefighters Association, Local 1311.

Feature on firefighters brought the tragedy home

Jim Haner's article about the firefighters from Connecticut traveling to New York to assist in rescue and recovery was excellent ("Fire crew goes on odyssey into void," Sept. 22). It gave a real-life view of what it was like at ground-zero.

My thanks to Mr. Haner. He really brought the firefighters' experiences together and was able to share them in a significant way.

Marie Cignatta


Aiding struggling Afghanis might stop the hatred

The best initial response to the unspeakable tragedy that has befallen our country would be to reach out to the more than 2 million Afghans who languish under abject circumstances in refugee camps in Pakistan.

This country should dramatically increase its assistance to them.

While the terrorists eventually will be found and brought to justice, we should do what we can at this moment to assist the innocent men, women and children who have been driven from their homes by their cruel and vicious rulers.

What a stunning message of understanding and compassion this would deliver to a world that expects military action.

Janet Heller


Instead of bombing the Taliban in Afghanistan, if our air force were to drop boxes of food and medicine, their hostile leaders would find it difficult to spread their doctrine of "hate America."

Killing with kindness should be tried before using conventional weapons of war.

Charles J. Scheve


Incapacitate bin Laden by freezing his assets

I think Osama bin Laden is baiting the United States to go to war. He wants us to spend lives, energy and money to attack innocent, harmless people in Afghanistan. This would harm the U.S. economy, as well as increase hostility to the United States in the rest of the world.

Our best defense is economic. We should find bin Laden's money and take it to cover the damages he has inflicted.

If we freeze bin Laden's assets, we incapacitate him.

May Lee


Why do Islamic nations allow the Taliban to rule?

Every day we see in the print and video media the squalid conditions in which the population of Afghanistan is forced to live. Ruinous devastation. Little or no food. Poor clothing. Filth. Women begging, even though they risk imprisonment, or worse, for doing so.

Compare this to what we see when members of the Taliban appear: Sturdy, well-constructed quarters, well-groomed, in fine clothing, fit and well-fed.

Isn't there something wrong here?

I cannot believe this is what the Taliban consider their ideal Islamic state. I cannot believe other upstanding Islamic nations permit this representation of their gentle, peaceful faith to exist.

Tom Landerkin


Pass bill that bans burning our flag

Since Sept. 11, our country has displayed our American flag as a symbol of freedom and courage.

I only hope both Congress and Senate pass the flag desecration bill, which would make it illegal to burn our flag. The American Legion and other veterans' organizations have been supporting this for years.

C. Babka


Drilling for oil in Alaska won't deter the terrorists

The attempt by the writers of the letter "The Bush administration provides ideal leadership" (Sept. 19) to tie the tragic events of Sept. 11 to drilling for oil in Alaska is a crass and tasteless act of political partisanship.

The terrorists presumed to be behind these attacks will not be deterred by any change in our energy policies.

While energy independence should be pursued vigorously, trying to use these tragic events to advance any position on this or any issue is a great disservice to all of us who have been sickened and saddened by this national tragedy.

Jay Hidden

Sparrows Point

If we believe in forgiveness, now is the time to show it

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