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September 27, 2001

Pair air marshals with police dogs to thwart terror

I saw a report that said the terrorists in Florida were afraid of the neighbor's dog. We should put police dogs on planes with air marshals. The dogs could also be trained to sniff out bombs.

Carol Ann Varley


Airlines should move passengers, not luggage

People should have to send their luggage ahead of time, maybe through a trucking company.

Then the airlines would only carry people, no luggage.

Diane Scharper


Install surveillance cameras on planes

I think planes should have security cameras, monitored by the pilots, so they could take immediate action when something happens -- even land the plane at the next available airport.

Danny Cohen


Begin by uncovering terrorists here at home

We have to be aware that we have a battle at home. Root out terrorists in this country.

Take the same resolve we have abroad and root out terrorists in this country. They pose more of a threat than the terrorists abroad.

Joe Johnson


Report stolen IDs to homeland security

When a pilot ID is stolen, as happened in Rome earlier this year when two American Airline uniforms and cards were taken, that should now be reported to FBI or homeland security.

Any time that kind of card is stolen anywhere in the world, it has to go to the FBI or somebody.

Bill Stebbins

Severna Park

Install call buttons, secure the cockpit

The pilots should not be accessible. They should be locked away.

Then there should be a button for stewardesses to press in back in case of emergency. If the button is pressed, the pilots should land the plane immediately, no questions.

Chris Reedy


Give passengers items to throw at assailants

I think all seats should be equipped with bean bags that passengers can throw at terrorists.

It wouldn't cause any big problems, but an array of bean bags thrown at a terrorist might accomplish something.

Milton Zlatin


Waiting for a call for plane control laws

I'm surprised the leftist Sunpapers have not called for airplane control yet. Airplanes don't transport people -- they kill people.

Fredric Sale



This is a nation of ideas and idea makers, of great thinkers and passionate doers. In the wake of the Sept. 11 bombings in New York and Washington, Americans will need their ideas - more than their might - to confront the scourge of terrorism worldwide and also the anger and frustration that has formed dark clouds over the country's collective psyche.

We asked for those ideas Sunday. This is a sample of your responses.

In cooperation with SunDial, our 24/7 news and information service, we've set up an idea hotline of sorts that readers can call to leave short messages about the ideas they have to help avert future tragedies.

Got a way to keep terrorists off airplanes? Tell us about it. Have a proposal for increasing skyscraper safety? Let us hear it.

Just call the SunDial number (410-783-1800) and press 1018 to leave your message. Be sure to also leave your name, phone number and the city or town you're calling from. Over the next few weeks, we'll publish more of your interesting, inventive and unusual ideas.

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