Nations that harbor terrorists must face a devastating...


September 27, 2001

Nations that harbor terrorists must face a devastating reward

The time for rhetoric, threats or the absurd notion of negotiations is long past. Afghanistan has earned the fruits of the policies, threats and all it has done to encourage or allow terrorism to occur and terrorists to live, train and be harbored within its borders. A devastating reward is the only message that should be sent.

Those in control of countries where terrorist activities and beliefs are centered are as culpable as those who operate from their confines.

The most effective way of dealing with the terrorists is simply to make them unwelcome anywhere.

Upon learning of the existence of terrorists, the host country should be given the first opportunity to deal with the situation. Failure to produce positive results should earn the country the reward of military action against the country's governing body, and this action should be a mutual statement from all countries that wish to take a stand against terrorism.

The "new war" requires a new mindset. There is no room for negotiations when dealing with terrorism.

Jack Noppinger


To all the liberals who don't want the United States to get its hands dirty fighting terrorism, I have just one thing to say: You can't douse a raging inferno with the sprinkler from your garden hose.

Arlene Gordon


Truly Christian leaders would follow path of peace

If our leaders, who loudly profess their Christian beliefs, would truly follow in the footsteps of Jesus, they would forgive those who hurt us and seek the way of peace rather than war.

Our leaders would renounce the arrogance, hypocrisy and chauvinism that has characterized our foreign policy for so many years and try to understand the roots of the hostility directed at us.

They would correct the wrongs we have perpetrated on so many and would try to build a new world order based on justice and truth for all people.

But I fear the way of peace is too difficult for our leaders. It would require a sacrifice most Americans are not willing to make -- the sacrifice of humility and charity which God calls all of us to perform.

It's so much easier to lash out in anger than to examine our own consciences and see ourselves as contributors to so much of the world's pain.

Ed Schneider


Nation's murderous policies bring death on our heads

According to the United Nations Children's Fund, more than 5,000 Iraqi children under age 5 die every month because of the sanctions that block the import of critical goods such as food, medical supplies and materials for purifying water.

If we don't want certain Third World people to murder us, perhaps we shouldn't be murdering so many of them.

Is that too much to ask?

A. Robert Kaufman


Let's not hasten to launch a war

The best words to come out of Washington last week were those of Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, who advised us that "it is far more important to be right than to be quick" ("When President leads, the world will follow," editorial, Sept. 21).

I hope we will apply these sage words to waging war as well as economic policy.

Mac Nachlas


Osama bin Laden is one lousy guest

So Osama bin Laden is a "guest" of Afghanistan?

What sort of guest, even a paying one, brings the wrath of a large part of the world down on his beleaguered host?

Sherry Miles


Citizens from the Mideast need to aid the authorities

As I read The Sun's article on our government's need for Arabic linguists ("Evidence is plentiful, but translators aren't," Sept. 20), this thought came to me: Where are our fellow citizens of Mideast descent?

Why aren't they offering their know- ledge of languages to our authorities to help bring the terrorists to justice?

Joe Hanyok


Efforts to make air travel safe come much too late

While I feel sorry for all the little guys who will lose their jobs, the airlines deserve to go bankrupt. If they had spent more time and money on security, maybe the Sept. 11 attacks wouldn't have taken place and thousands would be alive today.

Airlines have been so concerned with cutting corners and getting as many people crammed onto planes as quickly as possible that they put people at risk.

Now they are all scrambling to make the airways safer -- a little late, isn't it?

Katherine Miller


Responding to a tragedy with resolve and faith ...

On Sept. 11, our nation was attacked by a cowardly enemy and in a twinkling of an eye our priorities changed forever.

What was important yesterday all of a sudden was not as important. Who hit the home run or who scored the winning touchdown took a backseat and we became closer as an American family as we watched the events of this national tragedy unfold before our very eyes.

We have been wounded. Our wounds will heal and we will become stronger.

And we should all be proud to be citizens of a nation that proclaims, even on its currency, "In God We Trust."

Wayne Cannon

Ocean City

... and an inspiring show of our nation's flag

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