The Week That Was

September 23, 2001

The Crisis:

President Bush addressed a joint session of Congress, demanding that Afghanistan hand over Osama bin Laden and his associates, and telling the world "either you are with the terrorists or you are with us" . . . . Taliban leaders rejected Bush's demand, saying they need to see evidence he is guilty before turning over bin Laden . . . . Islamic clerics in Afghanistan suggested bin Laden should be asked to leave voluntarily . . . . Pakistan said it would assist U.S. efforts . . . . The first of 35,000 reservists expected to be called up reported for active duty . . . . U.S. bombers and other aircraft moved to striking distance of Afghanistan, other troops were on the way . . . . Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its biggest one-week drop since 1933, down over 1,356 points since trading resumed Monday, closing Friday at 8,236 . . . . More marshals were assigned to flights by the Justice Department . . . . Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge was named to new Cabinet-level position for homeland defense . . . . The first name for the anti-terrorist military response, "Operation Infinite Justice," was scrapped when some Muslims pointed out that it could be offensive because only Allah can dispense infinite justice . . . . Citizens of over 60 countries were killed or are missing in the terrorist attacks . . . . U.S. airlines announced over 50,000 layoffs and Congress readied a $15 billion aid package of grants and loans . . . . The Bush administration asked for expanded powers to detain immigrants suspected of crimes . . . . Bush met with Megawati Sukarnoputri, president of Indonesia, the world's largest Islamic nation . . . . British Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac visited the U.S. to show solidarity . . . . Suspicious stock trades in companies affected by the terrorist attack were probed for links to bin Laden . . . . New York promoted 168 police officers and firefighters to replace those killed . . . . . India said its bases can be used by U.S. forces for staging operations . . . . Pakistan repositioned its armed forces away from India, toward Afghanistan . . . . Tens of thousands of Afghani refugees, including members of the Taliban, headed for the borders with Pakistan and Iran, both closed . . . . Looting was reported in the shopping mall beneath the World Trade Center . . . . Five Broadway shows announced they're closing as attendance plummeted.

The World

Serbian investigators found 269 bodies in a mass grave near Belgrade, presumed victims of the Kosovo conflict . . . . Israel and the Palestinians agreed to a cease-fire . . . . Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko denounced the United States for saying he had stolen the Sept. 9 election that kept him in office . . . . Macedonia agreed to NATO security forces staying beyond the 30-day assignment for collecting weapons from ethnic Albanian rebels . . . . North and South Korea agreed to resume family visits . . . . Citing his health, Catholic civil rights leader John Hume resigned from his leadership post in the Social Democratic Labor Party of Northern Ireland, considered a blow to peace prospects . . . . Nimda virus clogged computers worldwide . . . . Pope John Paul II decided to go ahead with his trip to Kazakstan and Armenia this weekend.

The Nation

Five were confirmed dead and three remained missing in the collapse of a section of the two-mile bridge connecting the Texas resort South Padre Island with the mainland . . . . Ford settled a Texas case of an Explorer rollover that killed a woman and left her son brain-damaged . . . . The USS Cole, damaged by a terrorist bomb in Yemen that killed 17 sailors last year, was relaunched in Mississippi . . . . Donald Schregardus, criticized for lax enforcement of pollution laws in Ohio, withdrew his nomination as the top law enforcement official in the Environmental Protection Agency . . . . A psychologist testified that Andrea Yates, the Texas mother accused of drowning her five children, said she hears Satan's voice in her jail cell.

The Region

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