Trends are in: Pick your pleasure


September 23, 2001|By Tricia Bishop | Tricia Bishop,Sun Staff

You don't have to overhaul your wardrobe every season to look hip; you just have to update it a little, says Gina Tovar, Nordstrom's East Coast Fashion Director. She suggests pulling a few pieces from the current offerings, which she breaks into three categories, and adding them in with your old stuff for a new look. Pick your faves from the following:

* Menswear (fabrics and silhouettes borrowed from the boys): Includes pinstripes, plaids and power suits; full-leg trousers; vests; crisp, tailored shirts; briefcase-inspired handbags; textured hosiery; and lace-up oxfords.

* Equestrian (polished, classic and sporty): Includes tweeds, checks and herringbones; suede and leather; classic riding boots; cable-knit sweaters; bucket bags and saddle bags

* Victorian romance (ultra-feminine frills): Includes ruffles, puffed sleeves, pleats and fringe; velvet, lace, chiffon and satin; pendants (below), pearls and brooches; fishnet and sheer hosiery; and high-heeled lace-up boots.

Color can make you look trendy, too, says Tovar. This season, the options are warm: burgundies, browns and olives.

Show that hair who's boss

Who's in control really, you or your hair? You comb it, tease it, spray it, scrunch it and holler at it, but it still seems to do whatever it is that it wants to do. Well, enough is enough. Show your hair who's boss with Sebastian's new Xtah Bondage "rock hard hold" goo. Similar in consistency to rubber cement, you slick it in your hair, and your tresses simply ain't goin' nowhere unless you make them.

Don't expect much in the way of the natural look, though. This stuff is strictly for punk or finger-wave 'dos. Available at Sebastian Salons (find one near you online at for $12.50. -- T. B.

Erasing a body of evidence

The wrinkle-cream business sinks to a new low -- below the neck -- with the introduction of Oil of Olay's Total Effects Hand, Body and Cuticle collection.

"Aging on the face isn't the same as the body," says spokesman Michael Kuremsky. "So we created products designed to fight the signs of aging from the neck down."

Kuremsky claims the collection will help restore firmness to the skin (especially under the upper arms); reduce the appearance of lines all over and even out skin tone and blotches. The cuticle version is supposed to strengthen weak nails and make them shiny.

Each of the products sells for $9.49 and is available at mass drugstores and supermarkets. -- T. B.

A place for everything

With all the high-tech toys we're expected to tote around these days -- cell phones, pagers, PDAs -- guys are just wishing they could carry a purse (or at least some sort of Seinfeld- esque European carry-all) without getting mocked by their buddies.

Dockers to the rescue. The prepster pants brand has come out with the "Mobile Pant" -- slacks with seven pockets designed to hold various gadgets.

Mesh insides expand for extra stuffing, and unseen zippers help pockets hide in unexpected places like leg side seams. Common sense says you're likely to look a little lumpy, but at least your hands will be free and you haven't had to resort to a handbag.

The pants are available at most major department stores for $52. -- T. B.

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