State to spray for mosquitoes tomorrow night

September 23, 2001

The state, in cooperation with the county Health Department, will spray for mosquitoes, which could be infected with the West Nile virus, in the Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Heights and Belle Grove communities and adjacent areas of Baltimore from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. tomorrow, weather permitting.

Residents should stay indoors during spraying in their immediate areas and for 30 minutes afterward. Windows and doors should be closed and air conditioners turned off. Permethrin is the federally approved insecticide that will be sprayed at low dosage from state trucks.

The Health Department will continue this week its survey for potential sites of mosquito breeding in neighborhoods in these communities.

The department will look for areas where stagnant or standing water could allow mosquitoes to breed. Owners and tenants will be notified of potential problem areas and provided with tips on mosquito control.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture said homeowners in the county can reduce the number of mosquitoes by eliminating stagnant and standing water around their homes, clearing rain gutters to allow them to run freely and replacing water in birdbaths twice a week.

Information: www.aahealth. org.

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