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September 19, 2001|By THE BALTIMORE ZOO

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The habitat of this species ranges from desert to thornbush to wooded grassland. Vultures dine on the carcasses of animals that have already died. While they are primarily solitary, they do eat in large groups.

what's for DINNER?

These birds eat carrion, or animals that are already dead.

do you know?

How big can these birds get?

Answer: Some lappet-faced vultures can have a wingspan of 9 feet and weigh 15 pounds.

learn MORE!

Visit the lappet faced vultures at the Baltimore Zoo.

Read The Bird, The Monkey and The Snake in the Jungle by Kate Banks.

1. Incubation of eggs lasts 53 days.

2. First flight of a newborn vulture usually takes place at 185 days.

3. Typically, they can live as long as 40 years!

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