"I like the book Arthur and the True Francine by Marc...


September 19, 2001

"I like the book Arthur and the True Francine by Marc Brown. I like it when Muffy tells the truth. It is good to tell the truth to keep others from getting into trouble."

Tyrone Jones

Cedarmere Elementary

"In Bloomability by Sharon Creech, Dinnie is forced to move to Switzerland with her aunt and uncle. She attends a Swiss boarding school where her uncle is headmaster. Through good times, bad times and with newfound friends, Dinnie learns to open up to possibilities, or bloomabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed this book."

Caroline Kessler

Mount View Middle School

"My Brother is Afraid of Just About Everything by Lois Osborn is about a little boy being afraid. I like the part when the boy was afraid of the mailman's beard."

Shawntiea Ross

Eutaw Marshburn Elementary

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