Experts' views of market prospects run the gamut

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September 19, 2001|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

WHAT can we learn from the last two trading days? Where should we invest now? Here's what some experts are saying.

"After the terrorist attacks I cannot see an upside economy. This is a serious impairment to consumer confidence," said Richard DeKaser, economist, National City Bank of Cleveland.

"I'm very optimistic about stocks. There's renewed confidence and patriotism. Defense and industrial security stocks will benefit," Bruce Bartlett of the National Center for Political Analysis, told WNBC-TV.

"My job is to convince people that they shouldn't do anything now that they should have done before last week's attack. People who do well are those who buy stocks and keep them," said Bill Mason, a broker with Edward Jones & Co. in Olney.

"Nobody knows where stocks will go, but there's not a lot of good news about the economy out there," said Andy Serwer, a financial writer for Fortune magazine.

"Cheer up. Monday's plunge wasn't even in the 10 worst percentage drops. But stay focused; it could happen again," said stock trader Russ Martorama.

"Even without this crisis we were headed toward recession. The good news is that now that we'll have fiscal and monetary stimulus," said James Paulsen, chief strategist for Wells Capital Management.

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