Internet resources assist parents on homework duty

September 17, 2001|By Knight Ridder/Tribune

How do families arm themselves for the homework drill?

Some schools - check with yours - run homework hot lines that parents and students can call to get assignment information.

There's help on the Internet, too. Here are some Web sites where children can get help with their homework and others that offer parents tips on handling homework.

For Students - Links to topics ranging from the arts to social studies. - Online calculators, dictionaries, quizzes and links to information from economics to world history. - Practice lessons for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. - The Ask Dr. Math Web site will answer all those pesky math questions, like what is pi?

For parents - Parenting advice, including a one-year plan for parents and teachers designed to help children do better in their lessons. - Parenting advice, child development information and more. - Lesson plans, brain games, organizers and other helpful educational materials for parents and teachers.

www.homeworktips. - Tips on how to set up a homework work space, get organized for a new school year and more.

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