Baltimore Sept. 17-20 Pump Users Expo-Randall...


September 17, 2001


Sept. 17-20 Pump Users Expo-Randall Publishing. Baltimore Convention Center, Howard and Pratt streets. Estimated attendance: 1,600-plus. Contact: Linda Meaux, 800-633-5953, Ext. 548

Sept. 20-25 Medical Case Management convention, Convention Center. Estimated attendance: 3,000. Contact: Lisa Taucher, 760-804- 6651

Sept. 27-29 Custom Home trade show. Convention Center. Estimated attendance: 5,000-plus. Contact: Michelle Troop, 972- 536-6341

Sept. 29 Pan Am Airlines convention. Convention Center. Estimated attendance: 3,500. Contact: George Price, 305-661-8011

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