Odds & Ends, by Robert Crumb (Bloomsbury, 136 pages...

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September 16, 2001|By Michael Pakenham

Odds & Ends, by Robert Crumb (Bloomsbury, 136 pages, $34.95).

If you know the work and life of Robert Crumb, you need no recommendation to have a serious look at this major new collection of his work. Crumb is, of course, best known as a brilliant innovator of comic and cartooning art forms. But this gathering together of his work, going back to high school sketches from 1963, presents a dazzling array of images that range from wine labels to greeting cards to portraits of friends to record jackets to magazine and newspaper illustrations -- and beyond. For those of us who believe Crumb is an artist of major importance, this is an irresistible volume. To those who see him primarily as a breaking-edge social commentator, this chronological record is irreplaceable. For those who take him to be both, and more, it is a captivating delight.

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