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The Bush administration has vowed a "global assault" against terrorism in response to Tuesday's attacks in New York and Washington and has called up 50,000 reservists. The Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines have a combined 1.4 million active duty personnel, more than 250,000 of whom are stationed in 140 foreign countries. As of this time last year, about 117,000 of these troops were stationed in Europe; 101,000 in East Asia and the Pacific; 29,000 in the Near East, North Africa and South Asia; 5,416 in Central and South America 224 in sub-Saharan Africa; and 160 in the the former Soviet Union. (Figures below represent numbers of U.S. troops).

1. U.S. Among the more than 200 military bases around the country, the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri is home to about 20 B-2 bombers.

2. Honduras. Air Force 179, Army 156, Marines 14, Navy 2.

3. Colombia. Army 166, Air Force 26, Marines 24, Navy 8.

4. Peru. Marines 404, Navy 11, Air Force 5, Army 5.

5. Cuba. Although Cuba is a Communist nation, it has been home to a U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay since 1903. Navy 441, Marines 239, Army 7, Air Force 1.

6. Iceland. Home of Naval Air Station Ketlavik: Navy 988, Air Force 593, Marines 54, Army 1.

7. Norway. Sola Sea Air Base: Air Force 44, Marines 18, Navy 11, Army 8.

8. England. Air Force 9, 410, Navy 1,249, Army 383 and Marines 165. The U.S. Navy's 2nd Fleet, based in Norfolk, Va., patrols the Atlantic Ocean.

9. Belgium. Headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Army 918, Air Force 510, Navy 95, Marines 33.

10. Germany. U.S. European Command in Stuttgart is responsible for watching 13 million square miles in 89 countries from Norway to the Middle East and South Africa. U.S. bases are also located in more than 20 other locations in Germany, including Ramstein, Spangdahlem, Heidelburg, Rhein Main and Sembach. The largest number of U.S. troops in any foreign country are here, with Army 53,995, Air Force 14,661, Navy 276 and Marines 271.

11. Spain. Home of Moron Air Base in Seville and U.S. Naval Station, Rota, which is near the Strait of Gibraltar and supports the U.S. Navy's 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. Navy 1,625, Air Force 260, Marines 86, and Army 36.

12. Italy. Home of Aviano Air Base and headquarters in Naples for the U.S. Navy's 6th Fleet, which patrols the Mediterranean. Navy 4,692, Air Force 4,026, Army 2,341, Marines 131. The 6th Fleet has about 3,363 sailors and Marines and 17 ships, including the USS Gettysburg guided missile cruiser, the USS McFaul and three other destroyers, two attack submarines and several other ships.

13. Bosnia-Herzegovlna, Kosovo and Serbia. Army 11,070, Navy 30, Marines 8, and Air Force 27. The Tuzla Air Base in Bosnia-Herzegovina plays a key role in regional security.

14. Turkey is home to the Incirlik Air Base, a Turkish air force base with a large U.S. presence that serves as a NATO training and operations center. Also in Turkey is the Izmir Air Station, which supports NATO operations. Air Force 1,759, Army 184 , Marines 45 and Navy 18.

15. Saudi Arabia is home to U.S. soldiers who provide anti-ballistic missile defenses to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and elsewhere in Middle East. Air Force 5,895, Army 770, Navy 325, Marines 63.

16. Kuwait. Liberated from Iraqi invasion forces by U.S. and its allies in 1991. Army 2,235, Air Force 2,321, Marines 36, Navy 10.

17. Bahrain. Navy 734, Marines 155, Army 33, Air Force 27. Headquarters of the U.S. 5th Fleet, which patrols the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. It has about 15,422 sailors and Marines, 136 aircraft and 23 ships. Among its ships are the aircraft carriers USS Enterprise and USS Constellation, and two guided missile cruisers, five destroyers, two guided missile frigates, two attack submarines.

18. United Arab Emirates. Air Force 387, Marines 8, Navy 7.

19. Egypt. Army 354, Air Force 70, Marines 42, Navy 33.

20. Diego Garcia. Island south of the tip of India in the heart of the Indian Ocean is the home of U.S. naval operations and launching point of bombing raids. Navy 598, Air Force 24, Army 3.

21. Guam. Home of United States Navy Forces Marianas and Anderson Air Force Base. Provides support for U.S. forces in Korea, Japan and elsewhere in Asia and the Pacific. Air Force, 1,731, Navy 1,490, Army 40, Marines 5.

22. South Korea. Home of Kunsan Aiff Base and Osan Air Base, among several other military installations. Army 27,481, Air Force 8,669, Navy 318, Marines 97.

23. Japan. Marines 19,682, Air Force 13,194, Navy 5,496, Army 1,787. The U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet operates in this area, patrolling the western Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It has 81 ships, 260 planes and 25,000 sailors and Marines. In this force are the aircraft carriers USS Carl Vinson (now reported to be in the Arabian Sea or Persian Gulf) and USS Kitty Hawk. The U.S. Navy's 3rd Fleet patrols the Eastern Pacific, giving the U.S. forces in the Pacific a combined total of 1,400 aircraft, six aircraft carriers, and 132,000 sailors, 70,000 Marines, 63,000 Army and 39,000 Air Force.

24. Singapore. Marines 278, Navy 85, Air Force 42, Army 6.

25. Thailand. Marines 453, Army 439, Air Force 25, Navy 9.

Note: All figures are from September 2000.

SOURCES: U.S. Department of Defense, Center for Defense Information, Armed Forces Communications Inc. and the University of South Carolina

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