Readers' reactions to Tuesday's carnage Sept. 11 is a...


September 15, 2001

Readers' reactions to Tuesday's carnage

Sept. 11 is a day that will live in infamy - one on which a terrorist attack unfolded live on television, causing a collective horror this country has never before known.

As details of the attack become clear, Americans will regain a sense of normalcy and move forward with their lives. This is a testament to our resiliency and our strength as a nation.

And at some point we will know who committed the act, who sponsored it and who assisted in it. When that day comes the world will again understand the resolve and strength of our country. Those responsible will feel the wrath of a country that is truly a superpower when united in purpose.

The religious or political rationale that led to the attack will be exposed as nothing but a facade for hatred and fanaticism that has no connection with God or justice.

I hope that when such evil is exposed, it will shrink and wither in the world's eyes.

Taras A. Vizzi

Bel Air

If Tuesday's terrorist attack on our country was supposed to have an effect on how I feel, it did.

However, if these cowards were trying to scare me or get sympathy for their cause, just the opposite is my response. I not only will support any military action taken by our president, I encourage it.

After watching innocent people, including women and children, slaughtered by these maniacs, I don't care about bringing these people to courts for punishment. I want their leaders hunted down and assassinated. I also want the countries or organizations involved punished militarily.

Make no mistake: This is war and we should act accordingly.

C. S. Bice

Bel Air

The perpetrators of this monstrous crime against humanity must be brought to justice.

However, one does not have to be a "bleeding heart" to realize the United States cannot bomb its way to security or that the collateral damage (civilian deaths) that will result from retaliatory strikes against another nation have everything to do with vengeance and little to do with justice.

Lee Lears


Terrorism is like that ever-present, annoying pest in the garden. We don't worry about it too much because it is mostly in our neighbor's garden. We lean over the fence and commiserate when we hear of its ravages. We suggest ways to minimize its damage.

But now the pest has come to our garden. It has blighted our existence. We need not seek revenge. We need to eradicate it. Rationally, calmly, we need to go to every garden and remove the pest. It must not have any safe haven.

Then we need to be vigilant. Whenever it is seen again, it must be plucked from existence.

This will not be a one-time effort. It must be the every day practice of a good gardener. Then our world will be safe.

Will Sheppard


I finally understand Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Now is the time to rid the world of a couple of countries.

Audrey Salabes


A "world war of terrorism" has been declared. Our response must be as it was on Dec. 7, 1941 - to demand unconditional surrender or the eradication of our enemies.

Israel, in particular, has been fighting this war for years; now the rest of the world will have to join in.

As in all wars, the death of many innocent people will occur.

The challenge for our response is to minimize those collateral deaths, but President Bush was right in including as targets those who harbor such terrorists.

It is a new era - not a better one.

E. Alexander Adams


The real and most immediate threat to our country is terrorism, not intercontinental ballistic missiles launched by so-called "rogue nations." This was made obvious to all by the recent coordinated attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

So let's make anti-terrorism a national priority: Put big bucks behind this objective and give the best minds in our country a chance to develop a comprehensive plan to prevent terrorism.

Terrorists have just declared war on our country.

To take the attitude that nothing can be done to stop people willing to die from committing terrorist acts is a loser's mindset.

John Albizo

Bel Air

The recent attack is not a result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but part of a coordinated effort by Islamic fundamentalists to attack Western interests, wherever they may be.

To them, destruction and death are a religious paradise. Their ideology is as dangerous as Nazism or Communism, and they lack any degree of humanity.

A salvo of cruise missiles won't eliminate this problem. It's going to take people in the field defending America's interests.

The time to act is now, with an appropriate level of force, wherever and whenever Islamic fundamentalists rear their ugly heads.

Howard Hoffman


Missiles are expensive and, as was proved in the gulf war, cannot inflict enough damage to win a war. We need to use a small devastating device (nuclear if necessary) to kill as many terrorists and those who harbor terrorists as possible in, at first, Afghanistan.

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