In Maryland Pet care available to workers, others in...


September 13, 2001

In Maryland

Pet care available to workers, others in terrorist disaster

The Maryland Agriculture Department said pet owners who have been cut off from their animals because of terrorist attacks in New York and at the Pentagon can take advantage of a state-operated emergency shelter program.

The department said emergency workers and others unable to get home can make arrangements for shelter for stranded pets by calling county emergency centers or the Maryland Emergency Management Agency agriculture desk at 410-517-3658. The emergency shelters are operated by veterinary clinics and kennels throughout the region.

The emergency agency, noting the danger of shortages of supplies for treating the injured, is asking veterinary clinics to provide medical resources such as burn packs and other first aid materials that can be used for human casualties. Clinics can call Jack Casper at the same number for information.

Press club planning to visit Freedom Forum Newseum

The Maryland Press Club is organizing an excursion Sept. 29 to the Freedom Forum's Newseum, the interactive museum in Arlington, Va., devoted to news and the media.

Open to the public, the daylong trip - by chartered bus leaving from the Towson Sheraton - costs $22 for club members, $25 for students and $30 for others. Reservation deadline is Sept. 21. Information: Cindy Nauta, 410-243-1514.

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