Confront terrorists with strength, both at home and...


September 12, 2001

Confront terrorists with strength, both at home and abroad

How horrific that our blessed and wonderful country has fallen prey to the horrors of terrorism in the center of our most populous city and in the city where our central government is located.

I fear that more is to come.

This evokes passions deep from within against the perpetrators of such acts.

Americans from every walk of life have to now rise up and without fear or restraint fight terrorism here and abroad. There is no difference in that terrorism any more.

The same terrorism that is aimed at Israel is now aimed at us. It is one and the same.

The only response that the terrorists understand is unequivocal, unrestrained and fearless attacks against their organizations, suppliers, supporters and operatives - in a way that leaves them no other option than to follow the laws of humanity that most of the nations of the world live by.

Heaven grant us the strength and courage, as well as the vision, to stand up for what is right, here and abroad.

Alan Kelman


Visit our anger on those who celebrate the attacks

It is said that we do not yet know where to direct our animosity for the dastardly deeds of yesterday morning. Well, I do at this early point.

Unquestionably, my extreme animosity goes to those who have been celebrating the success of terrorist attacks against the United States, cheering and throwing candy to the public.

The freedom our country espouses, and for which masses have come here, tends to make us vulnerable.

But I hope our friends around the world will support us in helping to identify and punish the perpetrators and that those with hearts of stone may rethink their motives in the future.

Marjorie L. Sutton

Severna Park

Attack should prompt empathy and resolve

After yesterday's fiasco in New York and Washington, maybe people will begin to understand what the Israeli people go through every day of their lives and why they need to do what they do to protect themselves.

Evie Klitzner


The terrorist attack yesterday should be a wake-up call for the American people.

We can now understand what Israel has been fighting for years. We now have a war forced on us by people who believe that to die while killing one's enemies gives you a free pass into heaven.

Do we listen to the bleeding hearts who want us to offer our other cheek, or do we avenge our dead relatives and neighbors?

Charles B. Lippens


The last time there was such an unprovoked attack on the United States was almost 60 years ago on Dec. 7, 1941.

Americans are mostly peace-loving people. But as the Japanese could attest to in 1945, when this country is united behind a common goal, we won't stop until the job is done and the foe is vanquished.

Dean Whitlock


Retaliation won't restore skyline or bring back victims

It was just two weeks ago that I drove my son to New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to catch a flight to Israel. Crossing the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at the break of dawn, I exclaimed to my son that we were looking at arguably the greatest skyline in the world.

Of course, the soul of that skyline was the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

As an American, I feel angry and violated, but most of all truly sad. As a Jew, I can't help but listen to various media accounts explaining that the terrorist attacks were the result of our country's association with and support of Israel. That's quite a burden to carry.

I know we will retaliate.

But it won't restore the majesty of that skyline. It won't bring back the victims.

Allan B. Shapiro

Owings Mills

Fly our flag to show unity against attackers

To put up a positive and united front in light of the horrendous crime inflicted on us yesterday, I challenge all Americans to show support by flying the American flag.

If we take the trouble to support our sports teams with color, this statement should be sent to the world.

Nancy Copeland


Pray for the dead and their families

It is indeed ironic that foreign terrorists were able to penetrate airport security, hijack our own planes and use them to destroy the World Trade Centers and disable the Pentagon.

A complete analysis and overhaul of airport security systems must be tackled immediately.

Meanwhile, we pray for the souls of the dead and for their families, and ask God's blessings to help us restore our damaged heritage.

Magdalene B. Fennell


Kane's defense of freedom, responsibility is refreshing

I applaud Gregory Kane's courageous stance on many of today's hot topics.

In a paper that focuses on applauding higher tax revenues, special rights for gays, class action lawsuits, gun control and affirmative action, it is refreshing to see that someone is willing to stand up for personal freedom and responsibility.

Chris Conlon


Red-light cameras save lives, reduce accidents

Red-light cameras are life-savers, and we need more of them ("Red-light cameras are defended," Sept. 6). In fact, I wish we had one at every major intersection.

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