Pie at your door If you're a pie fan but you're short...


September 12, 2001

Pie at your door

If you're a pie fan but you're short on time, the Bama Pie folks offer a simple recipe: www.bamapie.com. If you prefer to order by telephone, call 877-588-0995.

With more than 60 years of experience in producing gourmet pies, the company has built a thriving mail-order business, selling pies made from fresh ingredients with no additives or preservatives. The company's Heritage Collection features six flavors, including Bourbon Pecan With Chocolate Chunks and Apple Cherry With Pecan Streusel.

The pies sell for $24.95 each.

Organic frozen veggies

A century ago, John Cope of Lancaster County, Pa., began one of the country's first dried sweet corn operations. Now the company is offering the first line of certified organic frozen vegetables produced on the East Coast. As the season of fresh produce wanes, John Cope's organic Sweet & Silver Corn, Summer Harvest Corn, Spring Garden Peas and Farm Stand Green Beans are available at Fresh Fields markets.- Sara Engram

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