Some things not to do if you want to get rich

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September 12, 2001|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

MISTAKES to avoid when investing, according to S&P Outlook:

"Playing `hopscotch' by skipping from one stock to another."

Being unwilling to take a loss before it grows to a bigger one."

Buying nothing but low-priced issues."

Following fads and `fashions' in stocks."

Playing another person's game, i.e., chasing investments that offer `too much of anything.'"

TAX TIPS: "On or before Sept. 17, pay your third-quarter 2001 estimated tax if you're not having it withheld. ... Tax rates have changed and may require that you adjust your withholding amount. See your benefits department." (CPA Client Bulletin)

WALL STREET WATCH: "Both of our trend indicators are negative, telling us all major trends are pointed down. Conserve cash, cut losses short and watch the market for signs of an upturn. Every bear market comes to an end." (Cabot Market Letter)

"Investors are developing a revulsion to Nasdaq issues just as they fell in love with them a few years ago. Nasdaq stocks will simply not attract attention." (Valley View Stock Report)

"Trading ranges for the next 90 days are likely to be: Dow Jones industrials 10,500-9,400; S&P 500 stock index 1,225-1,100; Russell 2000 Small Cap Index 487-460." (Rabbitt Market Perspective, in Barron's)

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