A perked-up palette


September 09, 2001|By Julie Klavens | Julie Klavens,Sun Staff

In the spring, when one shelter mag decreed, "YOU NEED COLOR!" and another presented "The COLOR issue," we couldn't get too jazzed up. From summer clothes to grocers' shelves bursting with succulent produce to the landscape itself, cool aquatic blues and greens and tangy citrus tones were everywhere.

But as autumn approaches, with its twig-and-mulch palette, laying in a store of products that pulsate with color seems paramount. Think of the ripe, ripe red of a perfect bell pepper, a soulful lapis blue, the mellow depths of a glass of Merlot.

Here, a few gems in jewel tones.

The place to be:

Bold, colorful geometrics bring a clean, mod graphic to any table. Placemats by O.R.E. are available for $4.50 each at the Store Ltd., Village of Cross Keys, 5100 Falls Road in Baltimore, 410-323-2350.

Rock 'n' roll:

Their bottoms rounded, these playful rubberized bowls won't quite stay still on the table (but cup nicely in the hand). $32 for a set of five at www.chiasso.com.

Little gems:

Amac's jewel-toned, translucent plastic boxes are a classic. From rapturously tiny (1 inch by 1 inch by 3 / 4 inch) to pragmatic (4 inches by 4 inches by 7 inches), they're so pleasingly proportioned that some people buy them for display rather than storage. Thirty-five cents to $2.40 at www.containerstore .com.

Light fantastic:

With subtly sculpted glass sconces atop multiple goosenecks, this beguiling floor lamp offers a tulips-gone-AWOL effect -- not to mention the pleasure of fussing endlessly to create The Perfect Arrangement. $145 at www.chiasso.com.


No pushpins? No problem. The Curly Board's clever design allows you to slip items under its die-cut spirals for easy posting and removal of whatever moves you or keeps you on the move: postcards, photographs, appointment reminders and more. $7.99 at www.containerstore.com.

Tiny bubbles:

With a witty allusion to the agreeable tickle of champagne, Saint-Louis' "Bubbles" stemware puts one in the mood for a sip of something delicious. Handmade in France, they're $120 each -- choose from red, yellow, sky blue, dark blue, amethyst and green -- at www.theweddinglist .com.

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