Oriole Advocates


September 09, 2001|By Sloane Brown

The old medical saw, "feed a fever," certainly applied in the case of the Oriole Advocates' Hall of Fame Luncheon. In this case, the Sheraton Inner Harbor ballroom raged with Oriole fever, as a packed house of fans welcomed three new inductees into the Oriole Hall of Fame. The treatment for this "epidemic" began with big rounds of applause as Oriole bullpen coach Elrod Hendricks, former pitcher Mike Boddicker and former General Manager Hank Peters were escorted to the dais. Formal induction and lunch soon followed, which only inflamed the "fever" rather than providing a cure.

But then, who wanted one?

Among the crowd of more than 400 people: Ann Serio, event chair; Kate Becker, event co-chair; Maria Aldave, Ann Peters and Clarence Rowell, event committee members; Angie Reaves, Oriole Advocates board president; Wayne Heckrotte, Mary Hevey, Nick Mantzouris and Joe Karey, board members; George Bollock, Hall of Fame chair; Ray Weinstein, Oriole Advocates Charitable Foundation president; J. Frank Cashen, former Oriole general manager; Mike Flanagan, Mike Thrift, Dick Hall, Pat Kelly, Don Buford, Scott McGregor, former Oriole players; Eddie Murray and Mark Wiley, Oriole coaches; Alric Simmonds, deputy chief of staff for the governor of the Virgin Islands; Ira Hobson, Virgin Islands housing, parks and recreation commissioner; Ron Shapiro, sports agent; Barbara Paczkowski, State Farm Insurance team manager; Ed Greer, U.S. Navy Atlantic Ranges & Facilities director; Paul Torbeck, Point Breeze Credit Union CEO; Steve Schramm, Allfirst Bank vice president; Jack Gray, Harford / Gray Enterprises owner; Patrick Frate, The Cruise Lady operations director; Hillary Figinski, Baltimore promotional consultant; Kim Mahrenholz, North Arundel Hospital medical technologist; George Ward, Dempsey & Carroll president; Phil Wood, WTEM radio talk-show host; Chuck Lippy, McCormick, Taylor & Associates senior project planner; and Charles Wear, Grace Davison marketing director.

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