Unleash LaVer -- Marty Schottenheimer turned Derrick...

September 07, 2001|By MILTON KENT

Unleash LaVer -- Marty Schottenheimer turned Derrick Thomas loose in Kansas City and he became one of the greatest linebackers of his era. LaVar Arrington has that kind of potential if Schottenheimer will give him carte blanche in Washington.

Fix the line -- Tackles Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen are the only returning starters on the offensive line, and Samuels has been injured. The Redskins will go nowhere if the line doesn't come together.

Air it out -- With first-round pick Rod Gardner and former Chief Kevin Lockett joining fully rehabilitated Michael Westbrook, Schottenheimer has a pretty solid trio of receivers. He has to let George throw to them to make Stephen Davis more effective as a runner.

Pound the poor -- Nine of the Redskins' games are against teams that were a combined 42-102 last season. Jumping on these weaklings will give the Redskins a chance to get a head of steam going toward a wild-card berth.

Be a leader, by George -- Quarterback Jeff George's presence last season undermined Brad Johnson. Now, it's George's turn to show that he can move the Redskins, albeit with former Raven Tony Banks looking over his shoulder.

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