Spiders, Diamonds and Cubes get a vote from Kiplinger's

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September 07, 2001|By JULIUS WESTHEIMER

Spiders [for Standard & Poor's depository receipts] and Cubes [Nasdaq 100 Trust] give you diversification - and you don't have to worry about the whims of a mutual fund manager."

HIGHER MARKS: "Here are recent 'upgrades,' where our analysts have raised their opinion of the seven issues listed here. We recommend accumulation of: Best Buy Co., Chevron Corp., Donaldson Co., Entergy Corp., F.Y.I. Inc., TJX Cos. and Trizechahn Corp." (S&P Outlook)

MIDDLE GROUND: "In this volatile market, mid-cap stocks may be your best bet," says Working Woman. "Like middle children, mid-cap stocks live in the shadow of their big brothers and little sisters - the big caps and the small caps. But mid-cap stocks (capitalization more than $1 billion but less than $10 billion) are worth a closer look." Check with your broker for mid-cap mutual funds.

MONEY MATTERS: "Some day, the big high-tech names will rebound. Despite the onslaught of generic entries, a trusted name continues to have an advantage on the store shelf when consumers pass with their shopping carts. Products like Coke have a magic." (Marc Robbins, Forbes, Sept. 17)

"Corporate profits are tanking, but real estate trusts stay firm. Which ones are right? 'Trusts you can trust' are Felcor Lodging Trust, HRPT Properties Trust and New Plan Excel Realty Trust." (Richard Lehmann, editor, ForbesM-wLehmann Income Securities Investor)

"I'm content to sit and wait defensively until I see more worry and pain. An old rule of mine is never stay bearish for longer than 12 months and year-end gets us right there." (Kenneth Fisher, money manager)

"When you've got particularly ugly markets like last week's, you wonder whether they can go on into September. And history tells us, yes, they can." (Matthew Forester, portfolio manager, Cumberland Advisors)

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