Accord reached on zoning map for Deale, Shady Side

Most issues resolved, council member says

Safeway still unhappy

September 06, 2001|By Lynn Anderson | Lynn Anderson,SUN STAFF

Both sides seem pleased, and for that Anne Arundel County Councilman John J. Klocko III says he is relieved - very relieved.

Klocko said yesterday that he is glad a compromise over a zoning map for Deale and Shady Side was reached late Tuesday night at a council meeting that included bitter and tearful outbursts.

"I think most issues were resolved," he said, referring to debate over a proposal to change the zoning on some commercial properties in Deale and Shady Side, including a large area at Routes 256 and 258.

At the meeting, council members voted 5-1 to adopt five amendments proposed by Klocko, including two that would allow most commercial properties in the area to maintain current commercial zoning.

Property owned by Safeway Inc., which until recently had planned to build a 77,000-square-foot supermarket and mini-mall at the intersection, was not affected by the amendments.

As it stands, the Safeway parcel is set to be rezoned in a way that would restrict development, including building sizes and the type of tenants.

Safeway officials repeated yesterday their argument that it would be unfair to rezone the property, considering the amount of money the supermarket chain has put into the site, including property taxes and development costs.

"We're pleased that [the council] retained zoning for our neighbors but we feel that they should have kept our property [as currently zoned] as well," said Safeway spokesman Gregory A. TenEyck. "It will certainly diminish the value of the property at resale, and it adds insult to injury."

The Deale and Shady Side Small Area Plan zoning map, part of a long-term development plan for the area, is set for a final vote Oct. 1.

Council members could then vote to amend the map or scrap it, which some members of the Deale and Shady Side business community are pushing.

"I would hope the Council would throw the whole thing out and start over," said Claire Mallicote, a Deale business and property owner who is against rezoning. "Power corrupted the [SAP] process. I think [the zoning map] is a disappointment to this town and to the people who were born and raised here."

Mallicote and other residents have criticized the SAP committee, which included business people and homeowners, for using the zoning map to keep Safeway out. Some residents wanted the Safeway, not just for shopping convenience but also to help bring more jobs to the area and help improve the economy.

Mallicote and others, including council Chairwoman Shirley Murphy, have accused the SAP committee of waffling on the subject of rezoning.

In the past, SAP members supported rezoning for the entire Deale intersection, including the Safeway property.

But at the meeting Tuesday, SAP committee Chairman Ron Wolfe said he supported Klocko's amendments, which blocked rezoning on most properties at the intersection.

Wolfe said yesterday that the SAP committee was consistent in its stance against large-scale commercial enterprise, which was why committee members proposed the rezoning in the first place.

"We feel like we have a really good plan," he said.

Wolfe said the debate over the zoning map might not be over.

"There has been a zig and a zag, and now we are back to the zig and there could be another zag," he said. "No, we have to be careful."

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