Room for more In a heat-and-eat world, it's often hard...


September 05, 2001

Room for more

In a heat-and-eat world, it's often hard for families to sit down together -- especially when each person needs the microwave for a different dish. A new oven from GE aims to make mealtime easier with a design that can heat up to six plates or three casseroles at once. The new Profile Spacemaker microwave also has more power, making cooking and heating faster.

Three models range in price from $399 to $529.

Nutty questions

Ever wondered why pistachio kernels are green? Or why the shells are sometimes red? Answers to these and other pistachio questions are available from the California Pistachio Commission, 1318 E. Shaw Ave., Suite 420, Fresno, CA 93710-7912. Or visit

Answers: The green in the pistachio nut comes from chlorophyll. Pistachios weren't harvested commercially in this country until 1976. Before that, American importers dyed the shells red, both to disguise staining from antiquated harvesting methods and to distinguish pistachios from other nuts. Some consumers still prefer pistachios red, so a portion of the domestic crop is dyed.-- Sara Engram

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