Fast action to nowhere

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September 03, 2001|By Imran Rehmani | Imran Rehmani,KNIGHT RIDDER/TRIBUNE

Anti-terrorist special agents, high-tech weapons, fast action and online play: With all those features, you'd think Sega's new multi-player blastfest would be better.

To be sure, Outtrigger ($40) for Sega Dreamcast does some things nicely.

Graphics are on par with other Dreamcast shooting games. Characters are well-modeled, environments though small are solid, and everything runs at a steady, smooth frame rate.

Once they master complicated controls, gamers are immersed in a world of rapid shooting. This might sound good, but players could wonder when the actual game will begin.

Each level seems like a training course. Players run around, shooting wildly, then run some more, then shoot some more.

Outtrigger never offers the feeling of accomplishment, and this hurts the game more than anything else.

Sega includes a network mode so players can fire at fellow gamers anywhere. This is fun for about 10 minutes.

While shooting games such as Quake and Unreal require skill and strategy, Outtrigger feels sloppy.

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